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I feel humbled, honored and privileged to be given responsibility of holding office of President of the South Asian Federation of endocrine Societies (SAFES). My honorable predecessor, Dr. Sarita Bajaj (India), Founder President SAFES, and Dr. Faruque Pathan (Bangladesh) had left a great impact by their leadership and outstanding contributions to SAFES during their presidency. It gives be motivation and inspiration to follow their footstep and continue the legacy with full commitment and passion.

SAFES is an organization representing Endocrine societies of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Maldives has been invitational member of this organization. All the efforts of past and future endeavors cannot even be conceived without the help of all the members and office bearers of these Organizations. These organizations of south East Asia carry a huge burden of world's population suffering from Endocrine problems. SAFES has created strong outreach and education programs, hosted international scientific conferences that bring together the best minds in diabetes/ Endocrinology. SAFES regional role / efforts has helped to define what it is to be an endocrinologist and identified the specialized training, education, and services that are needed in order to diagnose Diabetes and care for patients who suffer from them.

Our Vision for SAFES is to keep our focus and support in region-specific issues; this will help us elevating the care standard to what is only available for developed countries. After a wealth of achievements, however, a great deal of work still needs to be done to reach that goal. Our mission for two years of my tenure is to work with local, reginal and international organization in high lightening the importance of active life style and hazards of Obesity, while continue to work on other endocrine disorders. I see a true need to accelerate the pace of our work because of the escalating prevalence, complexity and severity of Diabetes/ Metabolic disorders. The prevalence of Diabetes / Obesity are very common in our region especially seen in young adults who bear the greatest burden of these trends. We plan to focus on this issue, by dedicated awareness campaigns and public education.

Again, I am proud to be given this wonderful opportunity to lead this prestigious organization and work side by side to reflect on our shared responsibilities to our patients at the grassroots level. It is only together that we can fulfill this dream. I have special thanks for "Team Pakistan and Pakistan Endocrine Society" who are with me in every step to achieve our goals and fulfill our commitments. I will also take the opportunity to congratulate Organizing committee of SAFES - PES Summit in holding this wonderful event, which has attracted not only regional but also International participation. I wish all the participants a very pleasant educational experience. Also, while in Lahore, don't forget to visit some of the great historic places which are identity of Lahore.

S. Abbas Raza, F.A.C.E
President: South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies - SAFES - 2017
Founder and Past President: American Association for Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE) Pakistan Chapter - Feb 2015
Past President: Pakistan Endocrine Society - PES - 2010 - 2012
Past Member Board of Directors: American Association of Clinical
Endocrinologist (A.A.C.E) - 2003 - 2004


South Asian Federation for Endocrine Societies (SAFES) was conceived by the daunting fact that challenge of diabetes and endocrine disorders looms large in our society. Despite this eminent danger, there are millions of diabetic patients in rural South Asia who are denied the benefits of Diabetic care.

Member SAFES countries had brain storming sessions for finding ways to work together and discover ways to help these individuals. These fruitful exercises resulted in formation of SAFES. This task force decided to work relentlessly to achieve milestone infield of endocrinology particularly in South Asia region by providing optimum care and relief for our patients.